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Sagrada Família: Skip the line, Guided Tour & Tower Access

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Sagrada Família: Skip the line, Guided Tour & Tower Access

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Skip the line to Gaudís unique church, Sagrada Família, and get access to the towers! From here you get the best view over Barcelona. With this ticket you get a guided tour of the church, where you see the beautiful interior, and you get to visit the museum at the site. 


- Skip the line to Sagrada Família
- Gain access to one of the two towers
- Get a 2-hour guided tour 
- Visit the museum at the site
- Experience the view over Barcelona
- See the facades and interior designed by Gaudí

O događaju?

They say that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. The same goes for buildings, and especially regarding Sagrada Família. It's hard to find another building that matches this church on its uniqueness and hidden gems inside. And if you're not easily impressed, when you stand right outside the church, then just wait till you see this masterpiece on the inside! 

Sagrada Família is located in the center of Barcelona, and is visited by millions of people every year who  study its architectural and religious content. The work on the church began in 1882. At the end of 1883, Gaudí was commissioned to carry on the works, which he did until his death in 1926. Since then different architects have continued the work after his original idea, but the church is still unfinished. 

On this special tour you hear all the secrets of Sagrada Família from your local guide. You find out why this church is so famous and why the design incorporates plants, animals and symbols of astrology. You learn about Gaudí himself and his thoughts behind the masterpiece.

During the end of the tour you climb one of the amazing towers - either the 'Tower of Nativity Façade' which gives you a sea view over the east of Barcelona. Or you climb the 'Tower of the Passion Façade', which provides you with a unique perspective of the city center. Take your time to just stand there and enjoy the view, which you won't forget anytime soon!

Detalji događaja i rezervacije?

The tickets are personal and need to be issued with name, booking number and time. Therefore it might take up to two hours before you receive your e-ticket per email. Just print out your ticket and bring it with you to Sagrada Família. Smartphone tickets are also accepted.

How does it work?
You meet your guide at the meeting point. From there you walk to Sagrada Família and your tour begins.

How do I get up into the towers? 
The facades are not connected and, therefore, have independent entrances. The visit to the towers can only be made by elevator, one on each facade.  

You will get access to one of the two towers (Either 'Tower of the Passion Façade' or 'Tower of the Nativity Façade), depending on availability.

For safety reasons, wheelchairs, prams or pushchairs are not allowed in the towers. People with reduced mobility, pregnant women, people suffering from vertigo, anemia, dizziness, claustrophobia, heart problems or respiratory problems etc. do not have access to the towers.

Važne informacije

- The occasional closing of parts of the church does not warrant a discount or a return of the price of the ticket. 
- There is a dress code: no tank tops, strapless shirts, short shorts or sandals.
- Make sure to bring a valid ID.
- Bags and backpacks must be left in the lockers.
- For safety reasons, in the event of adverse weather conditions (strong wind or rain) the lifts to the towers may be closed.

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Adult (12+)
Child (6-11)

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- An audio guide.


sub, 20 srp 2024

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Trajanje: 2 sati

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Što je uključeno?

- Skip the line entry to Sagrada Família.
- A guided tour.
- Access to the towers.


Sagrada Família: Skip the line, Guided Tour & Tower Access

Quiosc Bar Carrer de la Marina 08013, Barcelona


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